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Rose lovers are welcome to visit De Rozenhof (translated The Rose Garden) in Lottum from May up to and including October. From June onwards, this rose garden is in full bloom, but in May De Rozenhof is also worth visiting; test your knowledge in the Rose Knowledge Centre or drop in at the Rose Museum on site, be surprised by the temporary exhibition in the middle of the garden or view the rose by leaf colour. That way you know how the rose would fit in your garden before the start of the flowering season. And finish with a rose specialty on our terrace.

The entrance to De Rozenhof is located at the Market Square.


De Rozenhof is the stage for healthy, sustainable garden and potted roses, with biological balance playing an important role. You will find information on cultivation and history, but above all on the environmentally friendly care of quality roses without the use of plant protection products. The many varieties of roses are displayed in all their glory in rose beds, just like they could be in your garden. So it is ideal to choose your favourite rose at De Rozenhof and consequently visit a rose garden centre for a potential purchase.

We organize annual events and offer group packages.


The museum will surprise you with a modern exhibition about the history and future of the rose, about Lottum itself and how it is inextricably linked to the rose. But also on how the rose is culturally and religiously valuable.


De Rozenhof is manned by volunteers only.
Without their commitment and dedication, De Rozenhof would not exist.
Volunteers are De Rozenhof. With their hospitality, enthusiasm and expertise, they will offer you a wonderful day and perhaps give you a new perspective on the world of roses.


  • De Borggraaf Castle dates from 1551 and is well visible from the garden.
  • Houthuizer mill: rebuilt in 2009, 65 years after its destruction in WWII.
  • St. Gertrudis Church is clearly visible from the garden.
  • The ferry between Lottum and Lomm takes you onwards to Arcen.
  • The Arcen Castle Gardens and National Park De Maasduinen.
  • Consider a walk or bike ride along the rose fields.

Closed on August 7, 8 & 12

Closed on August 7, 8 & 12 due to the construction of the Rose Festival Lottum, this party will take place on August 9, 10 & 11.

Op 25 mei is De Rozenhof vanaf 13.30 uur gesloten in verband met een bruiloft.