From 9 to 11 August, De Rozenhof in the heart of Lottum will once again come to live during the 2024 Rose Festival. In the beautiful gardens of De Rozenhof there will be special rose objects and mosaics to admire, snacks and drinks to enjoy as well as plenty of live music. For the children lots of activities are organized. Find out about the program, opening times and prices via the link below. For frequently asked questions, view the information at the bottom of this page.


In Lottum, during 10 years, from 1922, an annual festival was celebrated in honour of the rose. Together with the Lottum Wind Orchestra this first version of the Rose Festival was initially celebrated at the historic castle ‘De Borggraaf’ and later at Lottum’s central market square.


After several years of absence, the second series of Rose Festivals started in 1951 and lasted until 1970. This event took place on a permanent site set up for that purpose, ‘De Kraaienhof’. This Rose Festival ground is located at the edge of the village just behind the current sports fields.

After a 20-year absence, a new event was organised from 1991 onwards. This became the grand Rose Festival. This biennial event eventually attracted over 50,000 visitors over a 3-day weekend in August. It covered the entire area between the market square and the Meuse River. It thus became the biggest festival event in the municipality of Horst aan de Maas and far beyond. Every Rose Festival, as well as its predecessors, was organised entirely by volunteers.

Due to increasing regulations and financial risks, as well as the burden on the village, the last Rose Festival took place in 2018.


To promote Rose Village Lottum, a mascot was created in 2002. A competition was held among primary school children to come up with a name. That became Rosalot, whereby it will be clear that Rosa stands for the rose and Lot for Lottum. A matching mascot costume was designed by students of the Fashion Trade School in Tilburg.

Local girls between 10 and 13 years young were asked to take up the mascot role. They represented Lottum as a rose village and handed out leaflets at events inside and outside Lottum, often in the run-up to the Rose Festival. They looked beautiful and always got a lot of attention and compliments.


During the earlier editions of the Rose Festival, a beautiful rose queen was presented. In 2010, this old tradition revived. In the year of the rose festival, the new rose queen was announced at the end of April.

She represented Rose Village Lottum for two years and was explicitly present at the Rose Festival, but above all showed herself as an ambassador during various events leading up to the Rose Festival. This fine tradition ended with the last Rose Festival in 2018.


During the weekend of 12 to 14 August 2022, the ‘Feast of the Rose’ took place in Lottum. This was in celebration of the fact that 100 years ago, the first festivity ever around the rose was organised. The event was held on the premises of De Rozenhof in Lottum. This is a beautiful rose garden, recently expanded with a landscape garden, in the middle of the historic heart of the village of Lottum.

The ‘Feast of the Rose’ aimed for a high level of creativity and execution of the decorations. This was particularly successful because under the guidance of nationally renowned arrangers Ria Nijssen and Johan Martens, florists and growers once again created unique objects. Under their supervision and helped by a large team of volunteers, it is estimated that some 50,000 rose bushes and buds, as well as many other flowers and plants, were incorporated into the many floral objects scattered around De Rozenhof.

The festival was further complemented by a catering square, a traditional crafts market and a varied live musical programme. Furthermore, former Dutch champion floral designer Diny Holtrop gave several flower arranging demonstrations.

Despite the extremely hot weather, the festival was well attended. Reviews were very positive, so the event will have a sequel.

André Rieu ROSE

Sunday 14 August, in front of a full house, none other than world-renowned violinist and orchestra leader André Rieu himself baptized his own rose. The Rosa André Rieu was created by Biljana Bozanic-Tanjga of Pheno Geno Roses BV and propagated by Frank Coenders Roses.

Q & A Rose festival lottum 2024

A large-scale Rose Festival, as has taken place up to 2018, will no longer be organized. However, preparations are being made to hold a 2nd edition of the smaller-scale Rose Festival new style on the weekend of 9, 10, 11 August 2024. As soon as the plans are more definite, we will share detailed information about programming, opening hours and entrance fees on this website.

Please visit the Events page.


A village festival with live music, food & beverage services, various children’s activities and an atmospheric fair.

There are various rose objects on display, entertainment will be provided and, of course, snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day.

Two years ago it was 100 years ago that the first rose festival was held in Lottum. This was then celebrated grandly and successfully. This year we are returning with a smaller scale celebration for Lottum and neighbouring communities.

The activities take place at De Rozenhof and its surrounding grounds, consisting of a beautiful show garden with rose beds.

The event is aimed primarily at the inhabitants of Lottum and its region. Of course, all rose lovers are invited, but the decoration will probably not be as grand as previously during the editions of the Rose Festival and the Festival of the Rose in 2022.

Entrance fee day ticket:
Presale € 13,50 (incl. € 1,- service cost)
Entrance counter € 15,-

Entrance fee weekend rose festival 2024
Presale € 31,- (incl. € 1,- service cost)
Entrance counter € 35,-

Free entrance for children up to the age of 12

On the Dutch website you can find a link to buy tickets in advance.

In 2022, the Festival of the Rose was already a lot smaller and more compact. This edition will probably have a little less decoration. There will, of course, still be information about the rose and rose mosaics and floral arrangements on display in the beautiful rose garden, which in itself is worth a visit.

Past experience shows that this is an appropriate weekend: After the busy period in rose cultivation, during the second flowering period of roses, and during the summer holidays.

This edition less florists are hired to make flower arrangements.

Yes, clubs can participate this way. Locations have been reserved for this purpose. As hobbyists they will receive support in creating their design.

No, the church is not part of the event site.

A team of enthusiastic volunteers started the planning procedure. Now that the plans were presented, we expect the team to expand. Because the event will be quite smaller in comparison to previous festivals, which means less staff is necessary to organise it all.

Op 25 mei is De Rozenhof vanaf 13.30 uur gesloten in verband met een bruiloft.